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In case you missed it, I'm Alexis :)

I have wanted to be a photographer for as long as I can remember and never questioned my path throughout my teenage years and early 20s. I was blessed to be given many opportunities of trust while young that jumpstarted my career and gave me ample experience to begin my own journey. I started this company in June 2021, and quickly went full time in April 2022. I have never looked back and continue to feel excited for the future when considering what's to come.

My Philosophy


  • Inclusivity is always the top priority. All walks of life are welcome and honoured here. Every orientation, size, colour, shape, and age are celebrated, and deserving of their love being shared.

  • There is no such thing as an unphotogenic person, and a 'bad' photo almost always is the result of the photographer, not you.  Forget that picture hidden in your recently deleted with the 0.5x iphone flash taken by your bestie Andy at that party a few weeks ago. Majority of my job is considering what would make you feel and look your best, so just show up feeling confident in yourself and it will go perfect.

  • I believe in a direct rather than posed approach, and typically just get you wobble around and then follow you around. Of course, there will be some posed photos however the majority of the shoot you won't be focusing on me and instead focusing on the thing that really matters - each other!

  • Trends come and go however weddings are a timeless event and should be treated as such. I always prioritize keeping my photos and colours true to life, so that they can be appreciated for generations to come - rather than just your followers on instagram that year.

  • You aren't just a number to me. I truly value and appreciate every connection I make throughout my work and always prioritize your experience and wishes first. I take pride in putting an emphasis on friendship before business and treating each and every client as such. The most beautiful thing about being a photographer is that often times I get to grow with you and your family after the main events, and I will continue to hold space and capture memories for whatever path you choose to go in this beautiful life.

  • Life doesn't have to be so damn serious all the time, ya know?? I believe humour is the key to happiness, and I lead my life + business with that philosophy. Luckily, I don't work in law. So you got jokes? Tell em.

My Travels


/ Costa Rica


My first trip of 2024 will be coming up in the middle of April! I have always wanted to go to Costa Rica and I can't wait to try surfing and hang with the monkeys. Be sure to follow my instagram to see the adventures!

April 2024



Big Island

/ Hawaii


My all time favourite place in the world, no place feels like Hawaii for me. I have never felt more at peace and one with the Earth than while being in Hawaii. I always recommend everyone to rent an airbnb and a car and see the island for yourself. AND take a look at the volcano if it's active :) The best place ever.

February 2023



Santa Monica

/ California


I went to Santa Monica on a mission to meet my biggest photography inspiration and it all worked out! Throughout my stay I did a bunch of shoots and got to experience the California sun (and traffic) at it's finest. I have been to San Francisco before but the energy in Santa Monica was unmatched.

June 2022



Montego Bay

/ Jamaica


I was invited to join an amazing couple for their destination wedding in Jamaica. It was truly one of the best experiences ever, and really confirmed my love and desire to travel. I continue to offer discounts for destination weddings in all places - as travelling alone provides immense value to me :)

October 2021